Know who is coming into town

Know people’s travel behavior like the back of your hand

How well do you know the visitors in your area? From which countries do they originate? Which specific areas of the city are they visiting? How long will they stay? Understand all these and more and make strategic decisions. It begins with Kido.

Why our data is reliable?

Reliable insights and analytics of people’s travel behavior

See how we achieve size, scale and inclusiveness of data and therefore allow the dataset to be statistically extrapolated to the total population


Embrace the power data with actionable visitor insights with Kido Dynamics

Visits & Stays insights

Leave the traditional data gathering methods behind and use big data to your advantage. With KIDO Dynamics you have quick access to in-depth location insights, allowing you to build a solid data backed foundation for your projects.

Uncover the behavioural patterns of your visitors allowing you to plan in advance for the next season or years ahead.

Understand the origin of your visitors

The key to successful planning is reliable and accurate data. KIDO’s platform enables next generation data analytics and insights for the origin of your visitors. Are they coming from a different country or are they local residents?

With access to historical data and origin insights you can analyse previous periods, anticipate future behaviour and better prepare for the future projects and investments.

Explore Areas of Interest

Do you need data to better understand your area or your city? Do you know which areas are sparking more interest and creating more traction and traffic? Understand the areas of high interest in your area or your city, and uncover in depth visitor flow visualisation.

Compare areas or periods, analyse and plan thanks to our reliable location intelligence.

How are your visitors behaving?

Thanks to our platform now you know who is coming into your area and where they are coming from. But do you need to know how they are behaving and what is the demographic segmentation behind the numbers?

With KIDO Dynamics you get in-depth insights for the daily or weekly behaviour of your visitors quickly and accurately, so you don’t plan based on guesswork, but rather on data.

Our solutions include

People’s Trips
between areas

Visitor Flow &

Visitor’s Footprint
in the area

OOH Impact

Do you need reliable visitor’s data?

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