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Understand people’s mobility patterns to make faster, better and more informed decisions

Our solutions include

People’s Trips
between areas

Visitor Flow &

Visitor’s Footprint
in the area

OOH Impact

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embrace the specifics

Eliminate guesswork and make smarter choices with our data solutions

At KIDO Dynamics, we take pride in our unmatched experience in making sense of big data. By applying Social Physics we turn the huge amounts of anonymised telco data into actionable foot and road traffic mobility insights, enabling you to identify trends, patterns, and outliers — and make smarter and informed decisions.

Take that step towards Kido, get reliable data and avoid making decisions in the dark.

Visualizing people flow between areas

Decode people
flow and mobility patterns

Know where people are, where they’ve been, and where they’ll go.

Trajectories insights and mobility patterns

Total control and flexibility of the data needed, as well as the output based on the clients requirements

Fast delivery times

Know who is coming into town

Know people’s travel behavior like the back of your hand

We provide detailed stays & visits insights allowing you to better understand the behaviour of the people staying in your area.

Daily or Monthly visitor behaviour data

Areas of high interest and most visited places within the area

Access to quantitative data for people visiting the area and their stays

Who’s walking by my area?

Making revenue optimizing choices with actionable insights

Reduce risks and scale up ROI? Our fine-tuned retail data makes it easy

Social demographic segmentation of the POI visitors, including differentiation between residents, internationational visitors and location staff

Explore continuous location analytics and different KPIs and uncover behavioural patterns

Access insights on how your potential customers behave, the locations they visit and how much time they spend there

Views generate revenues!

Get audience insights for the success of your OOH advertising activities

With KIDO Dynamics you can measure the performance of your outdoor advertising assets, analyse the campaigns that are active and to plan your future campaigns. Ramp up your marketing approach and get the best ROI. You can make smart moves with us!

Data flexibility – insights for any outdoor network, any time, any segment

Leverage OOH Location Comparison and identify new areas of opportunity

With KIDO you can explore different location and behaviour insights for successful campaigns

Our solutions include

People’s Trips
between areas

Visitor Flow &

Visitor’s Footprint
in the area

OOH Impact

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What our users say about
Kido Dynamics

Telecom operator solution

Partnering with Kido Dynamics allows us to leapfrog our solutions portfolio, reducing our development cost and time to market, and increasing our end-customer engagement.

Benedicte Pluquin
Big Data Monetization expert

Visit & Stays Insights

We were finally able to get the bigger picture on our visitors and plan our next years, based on accurate data.

Sarah Tyrell
Tourism Coordinator

Audience Measurement Tool

The partnership wth Kido Dynamics enabled us to better understand our audience and to get the answers that we were looking for in order to improve our planning and campaigns.

John Peters
Marketing Manager

Multi-vertical platform

Data monetisation is key for telecom operators. Having a plug & play, easy-to-use solution such as Kido Dynamics allows us to simplify this complexity and effectively scale operations in multiple verticals

Asif Muhammad Iqbal
Head of Data

Audience Measurement Tool

Kido platform is the new standard for out-of-home audience measurement. Their data and insights are incredibly accurate and reliable, while it’s amazingly user friendly.

Nacho Borjabad
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