Learn who’s walking by your area

Making revenue-optimising choices with actionable insights

Our insights allow you to have a comprehensive understanding of who is walking by and enable you to make better decisions.

Data is the currency of the modern economy. Do you want to make more profitable and data-backed business conclusions? With Kido’s POI data insights, you can tap into the endless possibilities of making streamlined marketing, production, and supply decisions.


Understand people’s flow – where, when and how they move?

do you need to better understand your locations?

Why guess when you can take advantage of KIDO Dynamics Data Analytics platform

Demographic Segmentation

KIDO Dynamics allows you to visualise and understand the social demographic segmentation of the POI visitors, including differentiation between residents, international visitors and location staff.

Unlock new opportunities and make informed decisions for your investments, re-locations, and business expansions.

Continuous location data

KIDO Dynamics is turning the huge amounts of telco data into actionable location insights. Explore continuous location analytics, as well as historical data to uncover behavioural patterns and foot traffic in your area.

Take advantage of the flexibility of our platform and KPIs to get all your questions answered and your decisions supported by reliable data.

Visitors behaviour insights

Understand the behaviour of the people to better plan your next business steps. KIDO Dynamics will allow you to access insights on how your potential customers behave and the locations they visit.

Visualise, compare and analyse with KIDO Dynamics.

Points of interest comparison

Are you planning an expansion or you want to optimise your marketing efforts? Do you need to analyse not only your location but compare with other points of interest? With our data analytics platform you can experiment with different POIs and comparison between them allows you to observe foot traffic with your competitors.

Analyse your locations and your influence area, plan and allow your business to grow.

Our solutions include

People’s Trips
between areas

Visitor Flow &

Visitor’s Footprint
in the area

OOH Impact

see the bigger picture

Take action with our Point of Interest insights


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