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How do you know how many people visit your location or drive by? How do you know who they are? Are you looking for weekly, monthly or seasonal patterns? Let us give you the answers that you need.

Book a demo session with the KIDO Dynamics team and see how our data analytics platform can help you better understand your market and allow you to plan your future with ease, eliminating the guesswork in your planning.

Our solutions include

People’s Trips
between areas

Visitor Flow &

Visitor’s Footprint
in the area

OOH Impact


What our users say about
Kido Dynamics

Telecom operator solution

Partnering with Kido Dynamics allows us to leapfrog our solutions portfolio, reducing our development cost and time to market, and increasing our end-customer engagement.

Benedicte Pluquin
Big Data Monetization expert

Visit & Stays Insights

We were finally able to get the bigger picture on our visitors and plan our next years, based on accurate data.

Sarah Tyrell
Tourism Coordinator

Audience Measurement Tool

The partnership wth Kido Dynamics enabled us to better understand our audience and to get the answers that we were looking for in order to improve our planning and campaigns.

John Peters
Marketing Manager

Multi-vertical platform

Data monetisation is key for telecom operators. Having a plug & play, easy-to-use solution such as Kido Dynamics allows us to simplify this complexity and effectively scale operations in multiple verticals

Asif Muhammad Iqbal
Head of Data

Audience Measurement Tool

Kido platform is the new standard for out-of-home audience measurement. Their data and insights are incredibly accurate and reliable, while it’s amazingly user friendly.

Nacho Borjabad
Our Clients and Partners

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