the complexity of human mobility into one simple data product

Data Monetisation Made Easy

The Kido Dynamics empowers telcos to turn their CDRs into highly valuable data products and mobility insights, unlocking unlimited business opportunities. Our technology and unique machine learning capabilities will be the support your data monetisation strategy needs.

why our data is reliable?

Meet the technology behind our product

See how we achieve size, scale and inclusiveness of data and therefore allow the dataset to be statistically extrapolated to the total population

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What are the benefits of partnering with KIDO Dynamics

Unlock new opportunities

Enabling data monetisation, unlocking the value of the data you already have.

Open new revenue streams

Explore additional revenue streams with low cost of implementation

Enter new segments

Enabling data monetisation, unlocking the value of the data you already have.

Data made easy

Enjoy easy data product development with the KIDO Platform and capabilities

Unique technology and capabilities

Use your existing data to your advantage

Why data monetisation?

In the ever changing telco industry you should be always exploring opportunities for growth and new revenue streams.

Start with a look inwards and add new revenue streams, monetising your traditional business and the data behind it.

Complex, but yet easy

With KIDO Dynamics you can develop data products complex in nature but simple to use, understand and implement for both you and your b2b and enterprise customers.

Take advantage of our experience and expertise to make the monetisation of your data easy and smooth.

We got you covered

With KIDO Dynamics you have a partner to ease data monetisation and meet the needs of your customers.

Take advantage of our unique technology, visualisation and machine learning capabilities to turn the CRDs into coherent and actionable mobility insights.

Our solutions include

People’s Trips
between areas

Visitor Flow &

Visitor’s Footprint
in the area

OOH Impact

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Turn the chaos of CDRs into new revenue stream


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