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Flexible impression and impact measurement for your OOH location

Our insights allow you to have a comprehensive understanding of who is passing by and enable you to make better decisions.

Data is the currency of the modern economy. Do you want to make more profitable and data-backed business conclusions? With Kido’s POI data insights, you can tap into the endless possibilities of making streamlined marketing, production, and supply decisions.

measure your ooh location impact

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Actionable impact measurement and analytics for the success of your future OOH activities

Data Flexibility

With KIDO Dynamics you get visualised data, KPIs and insights for any road, any time of the year in any segment. You will access reliable and highly representative, actionable data that will answer your questions and make your decision making easier.

Don’t lose time and resources, access our OOH location insights and invest smarter.

Location Intelligence

Leverage actionable insights to identify new areas of opportunity and improve your OOH activities. Allows flexibility and exploration of different locations before making an investment and optimising your budget.

Our insights are accessible through KIDO’s visualisation platform, or easily downloadable as a csv file or API.

Demography & Audience profiles

We understand how important it is for your projects to have reliable and accurate data. The KPIs visualised and represented in that solution, allow precise planning and forecasting of different OOH advertising activities.

Understand the demographic profiles of the people passing by your locations and manage precisely your OOH campaigns.

Location Rankings

The foundation of your success is the planning and making the right decisions. KIDO Dynamics and our insights will allow you to analyse and compare OOH locations, providing audience measurement, impressions and reach insights.

Utilise these insights and make your next OOH campaign a success.

Our solutions include

People’s Trips
between areas

Visitor Flow &

Visitor’s Footprint
in the area

OOH Impact

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