Visualising people flow in and between areas

Decode people flow and mobility patterns

Know where people have been and where they’ll go

Kido offers high-quality, privacy-focused data solutions that make processing human fluidity easy. Our solutions essentially enable you to analyse origins, destinations, and entire trajectories efficiently so that you can make better decisions. Enjoy high-speed data delivery, flexible data collection methods and zero geographic limitation inside the country with our services.

Adopt big data for a smarter planning

Visualise human fluidity and mobility patterns like never before


Better insights with
Better infrastructure planning
Better investment forecast

Explore Trajectories

Reconstructing people’s mobility and allowing insights of patterns and behaviours – the investment in KIDO’s solutions is putting your budget into reliable data, getting exactly what you paid for.

Taking advantage of our trajectory insights will enable you to better understand the bigger picture and analyse the trips and micro trips in and between areas.

Traffic Segmentation

KIDO Dynamics will help you understand the traffic in your area like never before. We divide and visualise the different segments, enabling even more trip insights.

You will be able to segment by age and gender, residency and difference between micro-trips (short trips) and trips.

Zero wait time

We know how important it is to have the data you need quickly and efficiently. With KIDO the data you need is available and accessible already, all is a matter of filtering and visualisation, allowing you quick access and security with tight schedule projects.

You need to plan now? Don’t delay making smarter decisions and explore our data analytics platform.

Get the bigger picture

With KIDO Dynamics mobility insights you will be able get a comprehensive understaning of the real life traffic in your area and in between areas for better planning and investments.

Explore different KPIs, segments and patterns building the bigger picture of the traffic and people’s trips.

Our solutions include

People’s Trips
between areas

Visitor Flow &

Visitor’s Footprint
in the area

OOH Impact

understand people flow

Get the mobility insights for your area today


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