The science of big data and social physics

What is big data and how to use it to your advantage

At KIDO Dynamics we are have an unmatched passion for big data, analytics and Social Physics. Since the start we have kept our curiousity and passion, while always being mindful of privacy. Lets us share some insights and background of the big data and machine learning capabilities behind KIDO Dynamics and our data analytics platform.

Why our data is reliable?

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See how we achieve size, scale and inclusiveness of data and therefore allow the dataset to be statistically extrapolated to the total population

So what do we do?

The goal we have is to turn massive, chaotic and noisy telco metadata into simple insights and analytics we can visualise. Sandy Pentland says in his book “Social Physics”, thanks to Big Data and Machine Learning we are able, for the first time in science, to approach social studies with new tools and quantitative use of data. We at KIDO Dynamics are focused on developing these new tools within our Data Analytics platform.

How Kido Dynamics transforms CDRs into actionable insights?

We turn massive telco metadata into precise and actionable insights. Every event generated is being filtered and processed by the telcos, filtered, and cleansed. Then the anonymised data with accurate location and time stamps is saved and processed by Kido Dynamics to bring you the insights that you are looking for.

Kido Dynamics can reconstruct most of the missing details of mobility patterns from the telco data. Once trajectories have been reconstructed, we apply a highly detailed and statistically sound machine learning process to allow the final dataset to represent an accurate expression of population data.

GDPR Compliance

To be GDPR compliant is a core value for us from both social and business perspective. This GDPR compliance allows the telcos that partner with Kido Dynamics to have a safe and sustainable business model for their new revenue streams.

We ask the mobile operators to conduct a SHA1 anonymisation process, the second step is K-Anonimity, making sure that small groups of people are not displayed as individuals, and the third one is about applying a statistical noise to variations to avoid our tools to become monitoring tools. Our aim is to provide intelligence not surveillance.

What is the future of mobility insights?

There is a bright future in the space industry and KIDO Dynamics is preparing for the next steps and looking forward adapting these new technologies. We are excited to improve our pipeline, including new sources of geo-localised data, as provided by high-resolution satellite imagery. We have performed successful tests and we plan to deploy these new systems to our offer in 2023.

Stay tuned for the next generation insights!

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